Petrosa Lubricants and Machinery Industry and Trade Company Ltd

We, PETROSA LUBRICANTS & MACHINERY INDUSTRY INDUSTRY and TRADE COMPANY LTD the PETROFER brand that we started with industrial oils and chemicals adventure area, CRM Creamagna Chemicals firm's area dealership with strengthening the upper level technical with accumulation equipped our staff and quality products with a variety of Gaziantep and the region to industry  to provide services.

Locomotive industry with many years of Gaziantep and the region machining, food, textile, iron and steel industries etc.. sectors at the highest level of naturally we endeavor which is our main activity. In recent years, especially in these sectors to reduce costs, improve quality and international competitiveness within the framework of the efforts we lose a significant contribution to the sector in which it is increasing day by day.

Our laboratory with a complete technical service to all our customers is provided and our experienced staff and our partners with the needs of industry with the fastest supply all kinds of industrial oil and chemical logistics support is provided.