Heat Treatment Oils

Normal speed quenching oils for the hardening of tool steel,semi-finished products and forged pieces, principally of alloyed steel.

Designation Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s) Appliccation Temperature (°C)
ISODUR 160 10 30-70
ISODUR 220 75 50-80
ISODUR 350 156 60-90
ISODUR 450 110 60-90

Quenching oils which have exceptionally high resistance to evaporation, a high degree of purity, low gas absorbtion capacity and rapid degassing capacity for application in vacuum furnaces. Due to their different cooling characteristics, the various productis in this range ensure optimum results for all kinds of steels in vacuum heat-treatment.

Ürün Adı Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s)
Application Temperature (°C)
VACUQUENCH B 244 28 30-70
VACUQUENCH 305 30 40-80
VACUQUENCH 605 55 50-150

Accelerated hot quenching oils with high ageing stability for a wide range of applications. They set new standards with respect to distortion control, quenching speed and service life. The oils of this product range are typically used for quenching automotive gear parts which are sensitive to distortion as well as for hot quenching of larger components.


Ürün Adı Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s) Viscosity at 150°C (mm²/s) Application temperature (°C)
MARQUENCH 722 78 3,5 60-150 (maks 180)
MARQUENCH 729 75 3,4 60-150 (maks 180)
MARQUENCH 849 156 5,1 70-150 (maks 180)
MARQUENCH 875 110 4,3 60-160 (maks 200)
MARQUENCH 3500 480 9,1 150-250 (maks 265)

Accelerated quenching oils with very good evaporation stability and fast quenching properties. These oils have been specially designed for application in sealed quench furnaces. They ensure rapid and homogeneous cooling of all parts during batch quenching and also rapid decay of the vapour blanket within the batch. Their application in open quench baths reduces smokes and flame formation significantly.

Ürün Adı Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s) Application temperature (°C)
ISORAPID 221 21 50-80
ISORAPID 277 24 50-80
ISORAPID 277 HM 25 50-80 (maks. 130)
ISORAPID 455 50 50-100 (maks. 150)
ISORAPID 459 49 50-100 (maks. 150)
FASTQUENCH 293 31 50-100 (maks. 140)


Low viscosity accelerated quenching oils with very fast quenching properties. These oils are preferably used in open baths for hardening low alloy and plain steels. Maximum penetration and/or through- hardening can be achieved even with large components.

Designation Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s) Application temperature range (°C)
ISOMAX 166 12.5 40-70
ISOMAX 169 14.0 40-70