Synthetic Heat Treatment Media


Aqueous quenching solitions suitable for tank quenching of tempering steels as well as for induction and flame hardening process.
Allow quenching of aluminium alloys fallowing solution annealing with little or no distortion.



The FEROQUENCH group of products provides oil-like cooling characteristics. Workpieces from alloyed high hardenability materials are quenched without cracking and with extremely low distortion. Flame and smoke formation are avoided during quenching with FERQUENCH.


Quenching fluids for tank quenching of low hardenability and plain carbon steels which do not achieve the required hardness with oil quenching but which are prone to cracking with water quenching. They are also applied in induction and flame-hardening processes. Fluids in this product range are also used for quenching aluminium alloy components after solution annealing.