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Immiscible Metal Processing Products


Metalworking fluid which has especially been developed for minimum quantity lubrication or mist lubrication, based on mineral oil, sulphur compounds and graphite as a solid lubricant. PINGINOL 1 can be used as a multi-purpose metalworking fluid for various metalworking operations, e.g. tapping, drilling, boring, milling, sawing on high alloy steel, aluminium, magnesium and titanium.





For cold-forming and metal forming water immiscible products.

ISOFORM 9100 – 9200 Series; Cold + Hot - Forming - Dispersion (meta-stable!!). For manufacturing of drive shaft parts.

ISOFORM 950 – 960 Serileri; Cold - Forming - Multi-purpose metal forming oils for steel, aluminium copper and alloys.

Also suitable as machine lubricant.

ISOFORM 970 Series; Aluminium Cold - Forming - Oils.
Cold-forming operations on fittings, screws, bolts and nuts as well as in thread rolling operations.

ISOFORM 911 – 922 – 933 Series; High performance Cold - Forming - Concentrates. For heavy duty forming operations on steel and stainless steel e.g. tool material, piston pins, drive shaft parts, ignition plug shells, wheel nuts.

ISOFORM 944 – 955 – 966 Series; All-Round Cold - Forming - Oils. For cold-forming operations on steel and steel alloys e.g. nuts, bolts and studs as well as for thread forming.








ISOLUBE V 72 Series; Solvent based fin stamping oils. Punching/stamping/perforating of metal sheet (fin stamping). Quickly vaporises at room temperature, good odour.

ISOLUBE V 73 Series; Solvent based fin stamping oils. Punching / stamping / perforating of metal sheet (fin stamping), especially for air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Thermal vaporisable without residues or discolouration. Compatible with Chlorofluorocarbon (Freon, PER, CFC).

ISOLUBE V 74 Series; Solvent based fin stamping oils. Punching/ stamping / perforating of metal sheet (fin-stamping), especially for Stator-Rotor production for generators and electro-motors etc. EP-Additives.

ISOLUBE V 75 Series; Solvent based fin stamping oils. Punching / stamping / perforating of metal sheet (fin-stamping). EP-Additives.

ISOLUBE V 76 Series; Solvent based fin stamping oils. Punching / stamping / deep drawing of metal sheet, especially for brazed heat exchanger or condenser. Thermal vaporisable without residues or discolouration. Compatible with Chlorofluorocarbon (Freon, PER, CFC).






DRAWLUB S Series; water-immiscible, multipurpose high-performance metal forming lubricant, mainly used for chipless metal forming operations on steel, steel alloys as well as on non-ferrous metals.

DRAWLUB TDV Series; mineral oil free, water immiscible coolant especially for chipless metal forming operations on steel and steel alloys.

DRAWLUB TD Series; high performance metal forming oil for heavy duty metal forming processes such as punching-, moulding- and extrusion moulding operations of steel up to
high-alloyed chrome-nickel steels.

DRAWLUB R Series; mineral oil-free, water immiscible coolant mainly for metal forming operations on steel and non-ferrous metals, like aluminium and copper. DRAWLUB R Series has proved especially successful in punching chain sidebars, bending jackets, expanding pipes, bending and extrusion molding operations.

DRAWLUB M Series; Micro-Lubrication Coolants for a wide application range, e.g. for tube collaring systems

DRAWLUB 3000 Series; mineral oil-free, water-miscible coolant mainly used for metal forming operations on non-ferrous metals, preferably on aluminium. suitable for the expansion of tubes, for rolling sheet metal as well as for deep drawing and bending. It is especially used for varnished sheet metal, as colour, surface and brilliance of the varnish are not affected.


Honing and lapping oils providing maximum wetting and detergent properties to achieve excellent cutting performance and high quality surface finish. Used for machining steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and chrome-plated components, in conjunction with diamond, corundum and other honing tools. This product line includes a wide range of viscosity grades and uses additives designed to optimize swarf removal, ageing stability and oil-mist prevention.


Chlorine-free products giving high cutting performance and extended tool life through the use of new additive technology.

ISOCUT T products have proved very effective in deep-hole boring operations such as single-lip, ejector and BTA processes

ISOCUT R Series, These products have especially been developed for grinding operations.

ISOCUT BA Series, have proved well for broaching operations.

ISOCUT EP Series, is mineral oil containing, water immiscible cold drawing products, which are used for forming operations of metal sheets.

ISOCUT S Series, high-alloyed cutting oil which has been designed for the use in especially difficult machining operations. ISOCUT S has distinguished in horizontal broaching and broaching.

General-purpose chlorine-free cutting fluids suitable for a wide range of applications with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also suitable for machine lubrication and hydraulic systems. ISOCUT VG cutting oils have shown excellent results in the machining of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum alloys.


Ester-based metalworking fluid, containing EP-additives free from chlorine. It can be used as a multi-purpose coolant, providing excellent lubrication properties.

Therefore, the product is especially suitable for difficult machining operations (drilling, boring, milling, sawing), but can also be applied in minimum quantity lubrication processes, as well as in the field of metalforming.

In order to achieve best results in machining operations in combination with hydraulic fluids, it is recommendable to refer to the PETROFER product range, e.g. ENVOLUBRIC HE 46 resp. HE 68, here.