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Paper Chemicals

COTAC E Series

Tail tie glue for toilet paper.

COTAC E Series ,last leaf of paper towels and toilet paper are used for adhering. Good wet adhesion properties and a problematic use are provided with equal propagation.


Anti-wear cutting agent for tissue convection machines. Containing mineral oils and additives is based on a mix.


Pieces of tissue paper used in the production of steel blades, designed for the water-miscible metalworking fluids are fully  synthetic.


Defoamer and deaerator applied in the following areas:

  • tissue production
  • paper production
  • cellulose production

The product range comprises synthetic,hydrophobic and lotion dofoamer.
ISOFOAM Series is a synthetic defoamer with 100 % active ingredients and distinguished by an accurate surface foam control and an effective deaeration due to it's excellent emulsifying properties.
These Series (Emulsion Defoamer) is a synthetic emulsion defoamer and is applied as deaerator for the effective dearetion of the paper machine chest.


CLEANSEPT Series is disinfection and system cleaner. 

Cleaner for open and closed industrial water systems, which are contaminated by micro-organisms. It is a broad-spectrum biocide with an excellent spectrum of activity against slime formation, fungi and algae.


FEROCLEAN RFS Series has been developed to substitute organic solvent cleaners.
Cleaning agent for paper mills,

  • continuous and discontinuous wire and felt cleaners
  • Surface cleaners
  • System cleaners

Lime and incrustation inhibitors.





Softener fort he tissue industry,

  • fort he application in converting
  • for the application in the paper mass
  • for the spray application onto the felt
  • for the spray application onto the Yankee.

SOFTLAYER Series is a surface coating agent for tissue papers and based on a cationic and highly molecular fatty acid condensate.These Series are a softener used for the creation of softness and bulk for tissue papers and also are based on a high molecular fatty acid condensate. On the other speciality,It is a softener used for the creation of softness and bulk at tissue papers.





Anti-adhesive agents applied in combination with coating agents to control the adhesion properties and to adjust the coating to differentprocess parameter e.g. different furnish.


  • Control of coating
  • Control of adhesion
  • Control of stretch

Improved lubrication of creping blade.

COTAC H Series

Base coating, adhesion and protective agent for Yankee cylinders

The product range includes base coating agents which are chemically reactive, cross linking and base coating agents which are thermoplastic and non cross linking. The base coating types are differentiated according to their adhesive properties between cylinder and paper web and their absorptive capacity.


  1. Formation of a uniform and homogeneous coating,
  2. Creation of adhesion,
  3. Increase of productivity and runnability ,
  4. Cylinder and wear protection ,
  5. Increase of softness ,
  6. Constant product quality .

COTAC P Series

COTAC P; Modifier for allocating special properties to the base coating. 

The following coating adjustments are possible,

  • Improved pick up of the paper web from the suction press roll
  • Improved moisture profile of the paper web
  • Homogenisation of the coating at Yankee cylinder defects
  • Increase of wet tack
  • Plastification of base coating
  • Increased thickness of the coating layer
  • Activation of hemicelluloses.

COTAC C Serisi

COTAC C; Conditioner for the modification of the base coating.


  1. Increased effectiveness of base coating due to the formation of a primary layer
  2. Increased service life of blades
  3. Increased Yankee grinding intervals
  4. Improved heat transfer from Yankee cylinder to tissue
  5. Compensation of Yankee surface defects.